Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fantastic Weekend

So I'm trying to make this thing weekly. Its hard because although my life is unbelievably eventful, replace unbelievably with not very, I really don't have many noteworthy things happen to me. In the grand scheme of things I'd say I have about 4 or 5 things a year that stand out in my mind and those are usually times when I embarrass myself the story I will tell you soon from 6th grade...or times when I make repeated eye-contact with an attractive girl and do nothing about it.

Flashback of the day: Setting: 6th grade. This was the first year I played organized football for the hornets. Was I a huge fat kid you ask? Yes. I didn't enjoy it much because I was a double stripe lineman who also partook (past tense of par-take) in punting and field goal kicking which I would like to add that I made none of. Because of my double stripe status, if at any point in the game by god's will I came in contact with the ball the whistles would blow and the play would immediately be stopped for fear of me literally crushing a smaller child condensing him to a puddle on the field. That never happened but because of this rule I didn't enjoy organized football too much. Soooo I decided to take out my aggression on the flag football field in gym where I could really put my newly acquired football knowledge and skills to the test. Being the athletic fat kid that girls liked because I was funny, I decided that I wanted to impress them by pulling the flag of the fastest kid in class-Bobby. As he was racing across the center of the field, my game plan took form and like a bull I charged. I hit maximum velocity of about 5 feet an hour (not a chance I was going to get in any form of MPH), and with moobs (male boobs) in full pendulous swing (swinging like a pendulum on a clock), I chased down my target. Unfortunately, about 10 paces away, his flag was pulled and he started to fall over. Unfortunately X2, the chances of me physically being able to stop was slim to none (pun sort of intended because keep in mind I was not slim but rather fat at the time). The first thought that came to my mind was the candy bar I had in my pocket, but the second thought was to hurdle my new found obstacle. I sent the message from my brain down to the legs to get ready for the leap of the century about about 8 seconds later they decided to attempt this feat only the great greek gods could have been able to complete. So while Bobby was working his way up from his spill and on his knees, I darted into the air with no regard for human life and at the peak of my vault (4 inches above the tallest blade of grass), and my got caught some where on his body. This sent me into a half summersalt that had I been in this situation back in 1st grade when was 600 pounds lighter and I took gymnastics, I probably would have been able to stick the landing and receive 10's across the board..but that was not the case. As my feet were flailing above my head, a pressure was released in my body; that pressure being one of the most enormous tushy burps ever to not be recorded on camera (I wish I had footage of this to show but unfortunately I do not). EVERYBODY on the field, field next to us, in school, and across the state of Illinois heard it. To top it off I came crashing down on my collar bone splitting it in half. I sat up crying only to be comforted by a large round of laughter from everyone including all the good looking girls! (I do NOT think 6th graders are hot anymore...8th grade is the cutoff (((kidding))) All I could do was blame Bobby as I was rolled to the sideline by the gym teacher. That was just one example of the 4-5 memories a year that I have held onto throughout my lifetime.

Back to this past weekend. It was one for the ages! I went to my first other-college-sorority-party and had a blast! It was a St. Patty's day themed party and considering I have red hair, I was instantly a hit and everyone flocked to me. (that did not happen at all but I did wake up on the floor with my t-shirt as a blanket so it had to be a good time). The main attraction was our Washington University (in St. Louis) Women's basketball Final Four trip!!!!! Since our school charges us upwards of 4 billion dollars a week to go to this school, they have many many funds and thankfully they put them to good use offering free transportation, hotel room and tickets to anyone who wanted to take them up on the offer. Seriously though, thank you Wash U., it was awesome! So a ton of die hard fans including our Bomb-Squad which is made up of Phi Delts-our mainly football fraternity on campus/best basketball fans in the nation! After a 2 and a half hour bus ride to Illinois Wesleyan University filled with singing and drinking...water, we arrived and cheered like no tomorrow although there was a tomorrow (the championship game..that we got to cheer at as well). I won't get into detail about the night at the hotel because after the game at around 8 p.m. we all just went back to our respective rooms, didn't talk to each other, didn't call up everyone we knew in the area, didn't party at all whatsoever, and just went to sleep. Then the next day at the championship game against Hope university we literally cheered like there was no tomorrow! As our voices faded and bodies started perspiring due to excessive leaping and unnecessary body movements during the opposing team's free throw attempts, our heart grew stronger, and although we were not on the court, I felt as if we were playing 6 on 5! Our ladies won the game (CONGRATS GIRLS!!!) and so ended the perfect weekend...

Until I got back to campus, fell asleep, and was awoken the following day by the cutest puppy who was ever lead into my room and ordered to wake me up EVER! After a day of playing with the puppy and watching it do odd puppy things with an odd look on my face, I decided to study for a test I have tomorrow. It is 1:15 and I have, obviously, officially quit studying and no longer care to prepare myself because I couldn't keep my die hard fans waiting any longer.

As I sit here, I remember back when I wrote my last post and mentioned the player profiles that I would be doing. I forgot about those until I wrote the prior sentence and seeing as I am pretty tired and have written a good amount I will save that for next week. I have received hundreds of requests but please, keep them coming. Whoever on the team has the most requests will get the first annual/weekly/once-in-a-while player profile.

Excited to hear what you, world, has to say, PL&F

Peace Love & Friendship


  1. I never knew the tushy burp part of the broken collar bone story!

  2. Once upon a time I knew you when you were a kid and you WERE NOT FAT! Oy child. Okay, so a little chubby, but not fat. I know fat. Puh-lease!! Oh BTW I officially blog stalk you! Love you! Miss you! Sad I cannot watch your team any more this year. Looking forward to next year.

  3. How about some cheerleading player profiles!!!