Monday, March 8, 2010


:( Unfortunately I won't have any more great stories about division 3 basketball playing/playoffs because we lost the other night in the 2nd round to Illinois Wesleyan University. I'd love to still be playing but I wish them the best of luck. To our seniors-its been a pleasure and honor playing with ya'll. Learned a lot and I can't think of a better group of guys to be a part of. So what to do now...

To start I am now stuck at home. Mom-when you read that don't take that as a "I'd rather be anywhere but home". Because I enjoy my home-just saying I'd rather be in Florida or Mexico where I could pretend to actually be a cool human and hang out with lots of fantastic looking college students. So far I haven't gotten the opportunity to have a real college spring break and as much as I would like to go spend a week making awful mistakes and doing things no mortal should try and engage in, I hope not to have one. This is because spring break occurs at the same time as ESPN's most covered sporting event, the division 3 basketball playoffs. This is just another one of the perks of playing basketball at the college level, every break you love and cherish disappears. Thanksgiving, winter and spring break are all left behind when you play basketball. The way I see it, us division 3 players are either the most dedicated or the most stupidest (...durrrr?) of them all because not only do we NOT get paid to play basketball at our respective schools (and by paid I don't mean money on the side, I mean scholarship), we pay AND give up all our breaks. DEDICATION.

Enough about basketball for a little while though-not going to be participating in a meaningful college game for a long time. What to do over spring break is the new question. I have a whopping 3.5 friends home who are also not going to a sandy beach somewhere so I will most likely spend my entire time with them. In doing so, I will most likely get so sick of them that we will no longer be friends at the end of it all lowering my friend count by 3.5. Not exactly my ideal spring break plan but I see no alternative as of right now. There is always the possibility of visiting friends at other academic institutions but the only problem with that is that they are all going on break at the end of this week, therefor, they have midterms to prepare for by studying(drinking), and will not have time to hang out with their long lost buddies before they themselves go to a paradise-ish island. Some of them will be coming back for a day or 2 at a time before leaving again, and when that happens I will probably be waiting for them outside their the dark...ready to pounce on my new fresh friend meat. Unfortunately by being so needy to hang out with people they too will get annoyed with me and I will lose approximately 4-8 friends due to that. I say 4-8 because by word of mouth, some friends will tell others that aren't here about how strange/stalkerish I have become and I will lose potential friends due to that as well. If Rubez comes back don't let yourself fall in that category!

If anything exciting happens, for example, if I venture out of my house, I will be sure to keep you updated 24/7 on Twitter (drich20)! Keep an eye out and to all of you lounging out there drinking ungodly amounts of alcohol- just know that I would love to be there with you, skipping the tan stage and going straight for the burn (go big or go home), sipping on a strong pungent mikes hard lemonade hypothetically (I would find those much more appealing to drink than typical college beverages of choice...if i drank that is..which I don't..because I'm not yet of legal age), and sitting on my ass flattening it out more than it already is. (if you noticed the verb choice in each of those scenarios ended up being skipping, sipping, and sitting S3-thought it was interesting..sorry). Hope all have a safe and fun break!

B&T (Blessed and Thankful)


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