Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Why this is hard

I know there is about 4 and a half people out there that are entertained by these so called blog posts-so I'm going to attempt to keep them going. Were going to hope for at least once a week from now on-I can't promise anything but I can try my best. Hardest part is the fact that I have about 5 main things distracting me from gettin' my P on. (post on-last time I'm going to let you know what that means..from now on you will have to remember). Those would be 1- BlackBerry Messenger. I recently pleaded with my mother and after hours of begging on the phone..on my knees!!! , I got her to cave and sign me up for the internet plan-I've mentioned in passing that I will pay for it but I can't help it if she forgets and somehow I do too... ;). So all my time is dedicated to finding everyone in the world with a blackberry and trying to send and/or receive a pin. (thats how it works for all you non bbmers). Its great when your in class listening to proofs of formulas (shout out D!). 2. Twitter. with my sleek cool new internet data plan I can now surf the web on my phone all the time and that includes updating my twitter via my cell phone by texting my updates to 40404 (twitter's number!!!! don't try calling it though). To keep people updated with my life and all its excitement-I use that for its con-veen-yance (i tried everything and the red squiggly lines kept coming up so I obviously don't know how to spell it). 3. Class-enough said 4. Basketball-duh and 5. the actual journal I keep. Call me old fashioned, and I think this blog is great, but I like having my humor, wit, and good looks reflected in a more physical journal. No not diary, journal. And it is wrote in every few days when I can remember or when I have something interesting that I don't want to forget like life lessons and things like that.

With all the above said, I will still stay loyal to my ever-growing fan base and continue to update this sucker every chance I get (time I remember). Looking to get a few comments on these posts with questions or just remarks on how swell of a guy I am. Either will do. Time to finish packing and get ready to hit the road-Boston and New York this weekend. Hopefully it goes well and everyone stays safe and in good health! Talk to you at some point in my life when I return!

Thankful and Blessed!!!


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  1. it is spelled 'convenience,; Once a nanny, always a nanny!