Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekend report

So I don't have much but I felt that it would be very important for me to take time before I decide to start thinking about doing homework to get my shine on and posterize. Big weekend! We had two games that we won against Rochester and Emory. We had a ton of people at the game no friday against Rochester because it was our first home conference game since winter break and our 2,000th game in school history. I had a bunch of family come in (what's up fam!!!) so thanks to all them for coming in to watch which was a lot of fun. That night we had a little white trash bash get together and turned into a huge party with a lot of wife beaters, cowboy hats, and boots. It was actually pretty sick-shout out Swally and crew. Unfortunately we were having to much fun so the neighbors got jealous and had it shut down before too long. Ended up being a fun night of hiding/trying to figure out how to get home alive in the very cold weather....We made it. So I am here telling you about it now.

Saturday involved hours of napping/sleeping/laying so nothing to report there.

Sunday we got to wake up at 6:30 so we could go as a team to get our pre-game breakfast at First Watch (restaurant). GREAT restaurant but I don't think there is any place in the world I want to be at that time except in my bed. Because of this lack of sleep we all experienced together we were able to talk the whole time about how tired we were and it ended in the creation of the 1st annual sleep-off. First matchup of Alex Toth and Jake Seymour. Vegas has Toth winning by a 2.3 hour margin. I have my money on Toth. Rumor has it he's slept through a fire alarm, tornado (which passed through his room!) and he hibernated right through his 3rd grade school year. There are no verifications but I think its true. Back to the important stuff-our game was at 11 and we won pretty easily then watched the girls game and after hat celebrated women's soccer's 2nd place national title and volleyball's national championship. Awesome celebration and way to go everyone on those teams who will most likely never see this!

Not a very exciting super bowl game unfortunately and wasn't very impressed by the commercials but I was happy the Saints won because..I know nothing/do not follow football but for some reason I wanted the Saints to win and they did, so I'm a happy camper.

Homework update: Due in the next week-2 copies of final cover letter, impromptu speech, marketing metrics assignment, QBA2 homework 1, OSCM problem set and 1st case analysis, developmental psych chapter 5, and meet with Zoo clients for project. (we leave thursday for boston and new york so this all has to be done by then)!!!! Wish me luck! <3


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