Thursday, February 25, 2010

Severe case of Bored-dumb

To go along with the tradition-its a thursday night at 11 when most are out. Unfortunately we, along with our counter-part the woman's basketball team, will be boarding a bus at 6:45 AM tomorrow to go to my hometown of Chicago! While I will say I'm excited to go home to play the University of Chicago, I will not say I am excited to leave at this hour. First off, its approaching rapidly and second,I don't really see the point in waking up that early to drive to Chicago-there is no flight we need to get to early (and by early I mean by wash u standards of early=3+ hours early), all we need to do is get in a larger than normal car-commonly referred to as a bus, and get to U of C before our game starts at 3pm on Saturday.

All childish wining aside, the reason for this post is because I have come down with a severe case of bored-dumb. (it isn't two separate words I know, but there is a reason I am referring to it as this and with continued reading, you will find out why!!). Now when I get bored there are a few tendencies that I realize I do and they make me angry and feel stupid (hence the reason why I purposefully use the word bored-DUMB). So I have figured out this is what I do when I get bored:

First thing is denial. I try to pretend I have something going on or someone to talk to. I might flip through channels, or look at a book-read one you ask? never!- then decide I'm wasting my time. I will continue to go to the best place in the world-facebook. Searching through profiles of friends, stalking people and finding out whose said what to who and finally looking through new picture albums. The latter is my favorite but unfortunately this does get old after about 8 hours. At this time I usually remember that I go to Wash U and probably have some school work I should be doing. At a time like tonight where there is absolutely no chance of me doing homework I will proceed to look through my binders hoping that there is an assignment I have forgotten about that is due at 11:59 that night to keep me busy. I can't believe it either, but its true. When there isn't anything I often check back on to facebook to see that I have no new notifications, messages, pokes, friend requests, or anything of that sort. I usually will be invited to join a group entitled "new phone-need numbers" to which I will reply-sorry, if you really wanted my number you would have written it down and/or gotten it tattooed on your arm/shoulder (depending on how cool you want to look). The worst part of all this is yet to come...

This is where the dumb comes in-during this whole time I will..of course..have music playing. I decide to put the 15-20 songs that are popular in my mind (usually not anyone else's mind) at the time on the top of a playlist. I will click through these select songs over and over again when I'm bored. The result...they get extremely old extremely fast and I no longer want to listen to them ever again. At that point I'm in a tough spot. I'm bored, have no one to annoy, have nothing to do, and worst of all, no new music to try and memorize/dance to in my room. At this point I will usually decide to write a blog or something along those lines. What happens after that...

Will find out soon and report back.

<3 BDR

-new nickname from people who will never ever read this but I thank them for the nickname and refuse to let all 4 of you who will see this know what it means

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