Thursday, February 18, 2010


What better time to post than a Thursday night at 8:45! Most college students are doing 1 of 3 things right now. What are those you ask? Either getting ready to go out, going out or don't have anywhere to go out to but are thinking about going out. But lucky for you, I don't fall into the category of most college students! Shush...I hear you all chanting, "Dylan. What are you then!?". And to that question I reply the following...

I'm just your neighborhood friendly redhead here at Wash U on absolutely no athletic, academic or good-looks scholarship. ( Although I can make a great case for the latter.) And why is this such a great time to be blogging-because I just finished reading through chapter 3 -Prenatal Development, Birth, and the Newbornfor my developmental psychology test tomorrow. Should I continue studying like most normal people would in my position, probably, but am I-of course not! Although I truly do think I've made decent progress and might actually beat the lowest score on this test tomorrow, I think this exact span of 11ish minutes that it will take me to write this post is the perfect time to take a break..and well, write. Its been a little while and I apologize. I'm up to 11 followers now-none of whom have actual faces on their profiles-all look like colorful ghosts which makes me think they might not actually be real but I'll take 11 any day. Not to much has happened since the last time I've posted. We won 2 away games which was fun, spent Valentine's day on a plane coming home from New York without a lot of legroom. I'm not complaining though-its all part of the gig of being a division 3 UAA basketball player.

Enough talk of what is in the past because thats where it is (the past) and thats where it must stay. Lets talk about the future and what is to come. This weekend we have 2 big games!!!! I'm thinking we might have upwards of ...1,000 ish people there! So for all those who say division 3 teams can't get good crowds, I say-change your definition of good crowd because to us, this is like...superbowl attendance numbers. Not gonna lie, its pretty exciting. We are throwing a small get-together after the game on Friday titled-Dickfest. Now don't let the name of our party fool you. You might think-what kind of party is that? Dicks? I don't want to go there! Just keep in mind the beauty of it. You get all the men on the wash u campus in one house-meanwhile the girls are walking around dumbfounded thinking to themselves-where ARE THE BOYS!

Then WHAM. We open our doors to those without a Y chromosome and let the good times roll. Its going to be epic. I'm slowly creeping up on 11 minutes so I'm going to have to wrap this one up and get back to studying :). I really hope someday I don't feel like a complete idiot for blogging every once in a while and wasting precious time I could use cruising through facebook. Until next time...


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