Thursday, February 25, 2010

Severe case of Bored-dumb

To go along with the tradition-its a thursday night at 11 when most are out. Unfortunately we, along with our counter-part the woman's basketball team, will be boarding a bus at 6:45 AM tomorrow to go to my hometown of Chicago! While I will say I'm excited to go home to play the University of Chicago, I will not say I am excited to leave at this hour. First off, its approaching rapidly and second,I don't really see the point in waking up that early to drive to Chicago-there is no flight we need to get to early (and by early I mean by wash u standards of early=3+ hours early), all we need to do is get in a larger than normal car-commonly referred to as a bus, and get to U of C before our game starts at 3pm on Saturday.

All childish wining aside, the reason for this post is because I have come down with a severe case of bored-dumb. (it isn't two separate words I know, but there is a reason I am referring to it as this and with continued reading, you will find out why!!). Now when I get bored there are a few tendencies that I realize I do and they make me angry and feel stupid (hence the reason why I purposefully use the word bored-DUMB). So I have figured out this is what I do when I get bored:

First thing is denial. I try to pretend I have something going on or someone to talk to. I might flip through channels, or look at a book-read one you ask? never!- then decide I'm wasting my time. I will continue to go to the best place in the world-facebook. Searching through profiles of friends, stalking people and finding out whose said what to who and finally looking through new picture albums. The latter is my favorite but unfortunately this does get old after about 8 hours. At this time I usually remember that I go to Wash U and probably have some school work I should be doing. At a time like tonight where there is absolutely no chance of me doing homework I will proceed to look through my binders hoping that there is an assignment I have forgotten about that is due at 11:59 that night to keep me busy. I can't believe it either, but its true. When there isn't anything I often check back on to facebook to see that I have no new notifications, messages, pokes, friend requests, or anything of that sort. I usually will be invited to join a group entitled "new phone-need numbers" to which I will reply-sorry, if you really wanted my number you would have written it down and/or gotten it tattooed on your arm/shoulder (depending on how cool you want to look). The worst part of all this is yet to come...

This is where the dumb comes in-during this whole time I will..of course..have music playing. I decide to put the 15-20 songs that are popular in my mind (usually not anyone else's mind) at the time on the top of a playlist. I will click through these select songs over and over again when I'm bored. The result...they get extremely old extremely fast and I no longer want to listen to them ever again. At that point I'm in a tough spot. I'm bored, have no one to annoy, have nothing to do, and worst of all, no new music to try and memorize/dance to in my room. At this point I will usually decide to write a blog or something along those lines. What happens after that...

Will find out soon and report back.

<3 BDR

-new nickname from people who will never ever read this but I thank them for the nickname and refuse to let all 4 of you who will see this know what it means

Thursday, February 18, 2010


What better time to post than a Thursday night at 8:45! Most college students are doing 1 of 3 things right now. What are those you ask? Either getting ready to go out, going out or don't have anywhere to go out to but are thinking about going out. But lucky for you, I don't fall into the category of most college students! Shush...I hear you all chanting, "Dylan. What are you then!?". And to that question I reply the following...

I'm just your neighborhood friendly redhead here at Wash U on absolutely no athletic, academic or good-looks scholarship. ( Although I can make a great case for the latter.) And why is this such a great time to be blogging-because I just finished reading through chapter 3 -Prenatal Development, Birth, and the Newbornfor my developmental psychology test tomorrow. Should I continue studying like most normal people would in my position, probably, but am I-of course not! Although I truly do think I've made decent progress and might actually beat the lowest score on this test tomorrow, I think this exact span of 11ish minutes that it will take me to write this post is the perfect time to take a break..and well, write. Its been a little while and I apologize. I'm up to 11 followers now-none of whom have actual faces on their profiles-all look like colorful ghosts which makes me think they might not actually be real but I'll take 11 any day. Not to much has happened since the last time I've posted. We won 2 away games which was fun, spent Valentine's day on a plane coming home from New York without a lot of legroom. I'm not complaining though-its all part of the gig of being a division 3 UAA basketball player.

Enough talk of what is in the past because thats where it is (the past) and thats where it must stay. Lets talk about the future and what is to come. This weekend we have 2 big games!!!! I'm thinking we might have upwards of ...1,000 ish people there! So for all those who say division 3 teams can't get good crowds, I say-change your definition of good crowd because to us, this is like...superbowl attendance numbers. Not gonna lie, its pretty exciting. We are throwing a small get-together after the game on Friday titled-Dickfest. Now don't let the name of our party fool you. You might think-what kind of party is that? Dicks? I don't want to go there! Just keep in mind the beauty of it. You get all the men on the wash u campus in one house-meanwhile the girls are walking around dumbfounded thinking to themselves-where ARE THE BOYS!

Then WHAM. We open our doors to those without a Y chromosome and let the good times roll. Its going to be epic. I'm slowly creeping up on 11 minutes so I'm going to have to wrap this one up and get back to studying :). I really hope someday I don't feel like a complete idiot for blogging every once in a while and wasting precious time I could use cruising through facebook. Until next time...


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Why this is hard

I know there is about 4 and a half people out there that are entertained by these so called blog posts-so I'm going to attempt to keep them going. Were going to hope for at least once a week from now on-I can't promise anything but I can try my best. Hardest part is the fact that I have about 5 main things distracting me from gettin' my P on. (post on-last time I'm going to let you know what that means..from now on you will have to remember). Those would be 1- BlackBerry Messenger. I recently pleaded with my mother and after hours of begging on the phone..on my knees!!! , I got her to cave and sign me up for the internet plan-I've mentioned in passing that I will pay for it but I can't help it if she forgets and somehow I do too... ;). So all my time is dedicated to finding everyone in the world with a blackberry and trying to send and/or receive a pin. (thats how it works for all you non bbmers). Its great when your in class listening to proofs of formulas (shout out D!). 2. Twitter. with my sleek cool new internet data plan I can now surf the web on my phone all the time and that includes updating my twitter via my cell phone by texting my updates to 40404 (twitter's number!!!! don't try calling it though). To keep people updated with my life and all its excitement-I use that for its con-veen-yance (i tried everything and the red squiggly lines kept coming up so I obviously don't know how to spell it). 3. Class-enough said 4. Basketball-duh and 5. the actual journal I keep. Call me old fashioned, and I think this blog is great, but I like having my humor, wit, and good looks reflected in a more physical journal. No not diary, journal. And it is wrote in every few days when I can remember or when I have something interesting that I don't want to forget like life lessons and things like that.

With all the above said, I will still stay loyal to my ever-growing fan base and continue to update this sucker every chance I get (time I remember). Looking to get a few comments on these posts with questions or just remarks on how swell of a guy I am. Either will do. Time to finish packing and get ready to hit the road-Boston and New York this weekend. Hopefully it goes well and everyone stays safe and in good health! Talk to you at some point in my life when I return!

Thankful and Blessed!!!


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekend report

So I don't have much but I felt that it would be very important for me to take time before I decide to start thinking about doing homework to get my shine on and posterize. Big weekend! We had two games that we won against Rochester and Emory. We had a ton of people at the game no friday against Rochester because it was our first home conference game since winter break and our 2,000th game in school history. I had a bunch of family come in (what's up fam!!!) so thanks to all them for coming in to watch which was a lot of fun. That night we had a little white trash bash get together and turned into a huge party with a lot of wife beaters, cowboy hats, and boots. It was actually pretty sick-shout out Swally and crew. Unfortunately we were having to much fun so the neighbors got jealous and had it shut down before too long. Ended up being a fun night of hiding/trying to figure out how to get home alive in the very cold weather....We made it. So I am here telling you about it now.

Saturday involved hours of napping/sleeping/laying so nothing to report there.

Sunday we got to wake up at 6:30 so we could go as a team to get our pre-game breakfast at First Watch (restaurant). GREAT restaurant but I don't think there is any place in the world I want to be at that time except in my bed. Because of this lack of sleep we all experienced together we were able to talk the whole time about how tired we were and it ended in the creation of the 1st annual sleep-off. First matchup of Alex Toth and Jake Seymour. Vegas has Toth winning by a 2.3 hour margin. I have my money on Toth. Rumor has it he's slept through a fire alarm, tornado (which passed through his room!) and he hibernated right through his 3rd grade school year. There are no verifications but I think its true. Back to the important stuff-our game was at 11 and we won pretty easily then watched the girls game and after hat celebrated women's soccer's 2nd place national title and volleyball's national championship. Awesome celebration and way to go everyone on those teams who will most likely never see this!

Not a very exciting super bowl game unfortunately and wasn't very impressed by the commercials but I was happy the Saints won because..I know nothing/do not follow football but for some reason I wanted the Saints to win and they did, so I'm a happy camper.

Homework update: Due in the next week-2 copies of final cover letter, impromptu speech, marketing metrics assignment, QBA2 homework 1, OSCM problem set and 1st case analysis, developmental psych chapter 5, and meet with Zoo clients for project. (we leave thursday for boston and new york so this all has to be done by then)!!!! Wish me luck! <3