Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A quick explanation

So after getting hundreds upon hundreds of requests to keep this thing going I've decided to get my P on (get my post on) and write another. I'd like to take some time out of my not regularly scheduled blogging to explain both my drichter2.o and my nickname-volt. First, Drichter2.o-hopefully you've all heard of new technology being referred to as -for example, microsoft 2.o, and my jersey number just happens to be 20 so I figured why not refer to myself as an upgraded version of myself which has a double meaning standing for my jersey number too! Thats where that clever piece of nickname came from. Now for the Volt. This has some history behind it. Last year, a wide-eyed, eager, energetic freshman named Dylan joined the Wash U basketball team. Him, along with his 4 compadres made up of Alex, Caleb, Ross, and John who were the substitutes who came off the bench for the starters decided they needed to "spark" the games with their uncanny basketball talent, thus, the Sparkz were born. A group so famous already that fairy tales and urban legend stories have been told about them for hundreds of years (although they were made last year). With this new 6th man group formed, all needed nicknames so mine became Voltage because I didn't know what else to do and it had to do with sparks and electricity. The other members were Stormcloud, Thunder, Lightening, and
Flash...and that is where Volt came from.
What's the best part of playing division 3 basketball here @ Wash U? We get to miss 2 days of classes every time we have away games in conference. We get to go to the greatest cities in the midwest-Chicago, Atlanta, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Rochester..kinda, Boston, and New York-and we get to miss Thursday and Friday class because of it. Does it make it harder to get good grades? Maybe, but not when your...not worried about good grades. The philosophy is get your diploma-it looks like everyone else's. I'm not saying I don't try but here at Wash U we don't have mandatory study hours, assigned tutors, or teachers who necessarily know we even have a basketball team here. (Half of the students live and die in the library so they don't know either). Its tough but I'm still alive and whatever doesn't kill me makes me alive longer. Time to pack for a nice trip to Cleveland. See you there-Volt

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