Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1st post

I owe everything to 2 people. Danny Bricker and Club Trillion. After hearing about his successful blog from Danny I figured-if you have a division 1 benchwarmer doing wonderful things on blogspot and entertaining TONS of people why not get some perspective from a different but identical basketball player. Try a division 3 player (player meaning one who plays in games). Different=division 1 basketball compared to division 3 basketball. Identical=Division 1 benchwarmer=Division 3 player. I hope to inform you in this blog about the life of a normal college student who happens to play basketball for his school (Washington University--where?-- in St. Louis-Go Bears!). Later in life my friend and teammate Jake Seymour plans to write a book titled something along the lines of Life of An Ordinary Athlete-I'm not sure if the a in an should be capitalized for a book title but I did it-I'm a business major, not english). Keep your eyes pealed in about 5 years for that one. I'd love to keep going but I have homework to attend to. This will be used as a diary/journal for me-I'm expecting a following of 15-16 people-12 of which will be family members-the other 4 friends on my team-so do I care if people see my blood, sweat and finger tears spent on this blog? no. I do need a nickname-and i will explain my drichter2.o in a later post-I'm leaning towards Volt which will also be explained in a later post.
-Until next time-Volt

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  1. is there a prize for being the first official follower?