Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hello again


After a long absolutely unnecessary off-season, I've gotten back in blogging shape and I'm ready to hit the ground (keyboard) running (typing). I apologize for the long hiatus, it just didn't feel right anymore, but like they always say, you don't know what you have until its gone. Fortunately for me, and more importantly you, I don't really think the opportunity for me to drop diamonds on ya'll from time to time will ever really be "gone" considering all I have to do is remember my log-in information which is....


Seriously though, I've learned that this so called blog is a great way for people to waste unprecious/imprescious/nonprecious time and possibly even get a good laugh or two. So after talks with my lawyer and some contract negotiations I've decided to take my talents back to the Internet (LbJ anyone?). I'd like to add that I did take a significant pay cut because of the economy, but I'm still going to be making $0 for this so its all gravy. Speaking of, well not really speaking of gravy in particular, but anyways, I'm in Panera right now, sorry St. Louis Breadco, been here for about 3 hours-and I'm getting superly hungry. I'm probably gonna roll out of here soon because -1 I'm cheap and refuse to spend my money when not absolutely neccessary and -2 I have food at home and because I've been living all by my lonesome all summer, I've become quite the culinary expert.

Lets speak on that for a bit-living by yourself without mom and dad to pay for everything/cook you tasteylicious meals every night. So this summer I made a big life decision. I decided to forgo the lucrative summer career path (seriously, compared to now I made BANK) that I had been living the past 2 years training kids for basketball in my backyard for 2.3 jobs here in St. Louis. During the year I met an enthusiastic business owner who runs after school/summer programs for not-so-well-off kids teaching them fundamentals of sports and assisting them in their studies. I was intrEEged by this and met with him where I received the coveted basketball instructor/camp director at his summer camp. Little did I know I would be trying to teach 20 four year olds at a time, each, literally, in their own world.

My main man Jon White, when asked what he wants to do when he gets older, said-and I quote "Go to Lupiter"-which is a very interesting answer to me. Reasons for that being; I've been working at this camp for about 8 weeks thus far and have not once heard Jon utter a sentence in its entirety, in the english language. Now, it is suspect to include the sentence, go to lupiter, in the 100% english category, but I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt because he needs all the help he can get. Also, Lupiter apparently is a planet in a cartoon he watches-only took me about 2 weeks to get that information out of him. So as you can see, teaching these kids isn't the easiest thing I've ever done in my life.

Sorry about that rant-so quick review-Dylan gives up his summer bball training job, gets picked up by the big leagues and becomes the basketball instructor at this camp-Athletic Scholars Academy. Getting paid a whopping 8 dollars an hour (significantly less than Camp Dylan's Backyard Basketball Hoops at Home in Chicago). I do this 2 days a week and then 2 days a week I "tutor" kids which consists of me getting confused by how to do long division because g-d knows I forget how to do that the instant I passed my long division test. So I'm working-lets say 30 hours a week there making nothing, and getting taxed on the nothing I make on top of that. But it gets better...I also have an internship at the Riverfront Times newspaper in marketing and promotions. This, I do for free. Unpaid internship-gotta love em-and if your wondering if I'm getting class credit for it or anything-the answer to that appropriately is no. I'm taking a class where I have to write journals every few weeks, and I am getting "full time student status credit" which is good for next semester. As if I wouldn't be taking enough credits to be a full time student in the first place or else I wouldn't be going here-GORSCH...yeah thats kind of an angry gosh-darnet-type expression. That internship is good though because I usually manage to get through my daily responsibilities and have time to whip out my surf board and ride the web waves. (Get it-surf the web-HAH).

In all seriousness the Riverfront Times internship is a great experience, one that I will be able to use to further my professional-ish career, and I'm able to be a positive role model and influence on the kids at my camp. I'm B & T-blessed and thankful, but poking fun at the situation is always the way to go, and its simply too easy. Can't take anything too seriously.

We can get our culinary chat on next time- I was planning on going right into that because I'm hungry but sometimes things just don't go as planned. I want to end by saying that I'm happy to be back and although its been a while, I'll try and keep ya'll updated more often. 2 more weeks of work then summer is basically over and itll be time for school again where the magic really happens. In the next few weeks if you get bored-please go on facebook and leave questions on the Riverfront Times facebook page-because I've started a question/answer tradition when I'm in the office and its almost as entertaining as this blog/keeps me entertained. Just follow this 4 step simple process- 2-search riverfront times 3-leave a question on the wall 4-wait for a witty, smart, good looking answer from an anonymous person quite possibly named dylan-BUT DON'T LET ANYONE KNOW BECAUSE MY IDENTITY MUST BE KEPT SECRET...I plan on being the most famous St. Louis celebrity never to actually be known.

I'm posted up at a table next to the bathroom and a large man who looked like he was in need of the lavatory just raced by and in so I'm going to leave before he gets back out. Hope you have all been able to survive the blog-drought. Jeweler: out!


Monday, April 12, 2010

Its that time again

So I'm currently out of commission. Been laying in my bed all day long basically with a very odd sickness that I can't quite put my finger on. So once in a while I'll feel A-okay and think the worst has passed but then I'll get out of bed to celebrate the defeat of my sickness with a victory dance and KABLAM-my head will start to hurt again which will lead to my stomach hurting (don't ask me exactly how one leads to the other because it really makes no sense to me either, but its what happens so go with it, no questions asked), the next stage of the sickness includes me slowly getting back to bed which involves me using the muscles in my arms and legs to gracefully and swiftly lower me into The Sleeper (my bed). Seeing as the previous sentence was most likely one of the longest ones ever written even though the grammar was far from right, I decided to end it, write this one, and then finish it with the following sentence.

As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted by the break up sentence, after I use the measly muscles I do have, they immediately start to ache which frightens me. That in combination with all the other symptoms is never a good sign but I've taken all the necessary precautions to combat this sickness and come out the victor. Those precautions include skipping two classes, laying in bed for approximately 9 hours, making my 2 friends bring me food, not taking medicine, not going to get checked out by an actual doctor, watching T.V. for those 9 straight hours and thinking long and hard about what to say here to keep my adoring audience entertained. As you can see, although I have not yet graduated from Wash U's med school (nor will I ever because I'm in the business school-WAH HAH), I know all I need to about illnesses and getting over them. My plan is that by tomorrow, I will be healthy, tan and basically all over better looking- we'll see how that goes...

Before I forget, I had another sign from g-d the other day. As I was gettin my J on (my jog on) or what people who actually saw me might call, a medium to slow paced walk, I was jammin' out to some old time tunes to keep me motivated and keep my legs moving one after the other. Everyone's favorite song, Da Dip by the family favorite Freak Nasty came on. Any human who wants to do something with their life will have listened to this song therefor know the lyrics and will recognize the part when Mr. Nasty says, "I'm just a squirrel trying to get a nut. So what's up?" At that very moment a squirrel, most likely searching for a nut, ran right in front of me on the sidewalk! Coincidence? I don't think so! If you remember from earlier posts I'm going to keep a running tally on instances like this so I can't exactly tell what it means right now but I definitely feel something big is coming together. So far I have, "I'm just a squirrel trying to get a nut. So what's up?" and "incredible". If anyone has ideas about what it means feel free to let me know.

So my big day in The Sleeper and my room led me to realize some things about myself that are pretty embarrassing so I figured why not let everyone know. First of them being, and i think everyone can agree with this, whenever one is sick the 1 and only person they want is to be home (real home, not college dorm) with their mom. Moms have an odd talent that allows them, even with no proper training in the fine medicinal arts, to heal any wound and cure any sickness. Its a weird phenomenon but its true, rarely do mothers fail at this which led me to a very interesting revelation. Not that I've experienced it yet, but once I reach legal drinking age, if I ever have what is referred to as a hangover, I think I'm just going to go directly to my mom and have her fix me. Hangover cure=mom. This is just my first step in making the world a better place. Your welcome.

Next embarrassing thing noticed is that I sleep with 2 stuffed animals. This has been going on all semester but I don't think I've ever realized it. I don't see a big problem with it considering my other stuffed sleeping partner (that sounded awful) is a big basketball I use as a pillow. I have a turtle that I actually sewed in 6th grade (in a class, not something I did for the fun of it) and a stuffed bear I got at the dollar store. The turtle is rapidly falling apart and actually looks like a lopsided green ball right now but he has sentimental value so I can't ever let him go. The bear on the other hand I have no excuses for, except that it is soft and loyal (never ever leaves my side).

The last thing I noticed is that when I get sick, for some reason, listening to hardcore music like 'N Sync, Michelle Branch and Savage Garden (Truly Madly Deeply) makes me feel better. I don't know if this is because I actually listen to these people regularly and not only when I'm sick, or if their smooth harmonies put my aching body to rest, but this music is the key to my health when it's in shambles.

Thats about it for me today. I couldn't perform as well as I usually do, i.e. drop solid diamonds on ya'll, because of my sickness but I said what I had to and if its not up to par, read last weeks SOLID GOLD NUGGETS IN THE FORM OF A BLOG again.

Like Christina Aguilera once said, If you want to be with me, baby theres a price to pay, I'm a genie in a bottle , ya gotta rub me the right way. GNITE.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Quit Hatin' on the Women

I would like to take this time to talk about something that even I myself have been found guilty of. That would be hatin' (hard) on women's sports and physical ability. Before I get into this I would like to make a few points that I hope everyone keeps in mind before, during and after my speech. I will attempt to organize them in bullet form because I've learned it is much easier to read that way. Okay lets do this!!! Diamond Status Richter up to bat....
-Men's brains are larger than women's brains and thats a fact (7%-9% on average I believe). Learned that little gem of knowledge in psychology, whether or not it is due to the fact that men are on average 7%-9% larger than women is completely unrelated in my opinion. that is the first thing to keep in mind... pun intended. Damn he's good. I know. Thanks. Your welcome.
-I, myself, THE Drichter2.0, is guilty of being a HOWSAAA on occasion but that has all changed after this past day
-HOWSAAA stands for Hater on Women's Sports And Athletic Abilities..pretty important thing to know considering had I not let you in on this little secret, the 2nd point to keep in mind would make absolutely no sense to anyone in the world except me and maybe Alex or Jake who both have an uncanny ability to guess what my shortened letter phrases stand for (I'm sure there is a word for what that would be referred to but I'm in the freakin zone right now so I gotta keep flowin' baby..GET YOUR SHINE ON)
-third and final point to keep in mind is that I am in no way racist, genderist (this refers to the belief that men>woman), or any other type of prejudiced that I was taught not to believe in as a young child by my fabulous parents (<3 thats a heart) (and I truly don't believe in any of that bullshizz) but with that said and for the blog's sake let me end by saying that men>women, Asian people are much smarter than me, black people are much, much, much more athletic on average than any other race, every Irish person has red hair (including your boy), the majority of red-heads don't have souls (excluding your boy), and mexicans are the best people to go to when your in the mood for mexican food.

Now onto the good stuff-even though I hate to admit it but that was some GREAT MATERIAL UP THERE, if that doesn't tickle your twine, I really don't know what will. So the inspiration for today's installment is due to the basketball game I just watched between the UConn and Baylor's women's teams for the chance to compete in the division 1 championship game. (our team here at wash u won the division 3 title..NBD (no big deal)). So I've heard a variety of people on ESPN, people in magazines and an unbelievable amount of homeless people on the street say things like," UConn's women's team is the most dominant team in sports right now and quite possibly ever in women's basketball... or Uconn's women's team is hotter than a fiery molten lava volcano erupting on the sun's surface while spewing fiery hot sauce from taco bell at the same time... or if Uconn's women's team reproduced with the 1992 Olympic Dream Team, they would breed a superhuman race capable of taking over the planet solely with an array of thunderous and flashy basketball skills and their freakish intimidating attributes.

All these factual quotes from prominent sports enthusiasts actually have merit because Uconn's women's team is on a motherflipping 76 game winning streak which is incredible. Lets reduce and simplify the process of a game so that the number we get will mean absolutely nothing but will make the feat of winning 76 games in a row sound great. So you can win or lose a game ...50% chance of each and with that approach, that would leave winning 76 in a row to be .5^76. When you put this on a calculator because its impossible to do math with decimals in it without one, you get this answer 1.32*10^-23. Now I could be wrong but I think that means your suppose to move the decimal 23 times to the left and put that many 0's before the decimal. That leaves a very small percentage and thats incredible. All jokes aside, why did the chicken cross the road haha sorry I literally laughed when I wrote that but seriously, all jokes aside, thats an incredible accomplishment by the Uconn's women's team.

sidenote-I don't know if this has ever happened to you before but I think its a sign-at the same exact time that I typed incredible, the song I was listening to said incredible so i take this as a sign from a higher power and will keep track of every time this happens from now on and keep an ongoing count at the bottom of this blog ever week.

Back to the matter at hand. So I get sidetracked with sidenotes and an odd thought process, but anyways, I watched the UConn vs Baylor game and was extremely impressed with what I saw. So Baylor has this 6'8 giant named Britteny Griner and although she could quite possibly be the one person I would consistently K in the KHM game...(I'm going to change the words to the kill, hookup, marry for the kids sake but you know what I'm talking about), she is an unreal basketball talent who can dunk, block shots left and right, and is actually pretty athletic. Now being impressed by her only led me to be more impressed by Uconn's Tina Charles who had the sweetest baby hook shot I've ever seen. I though it was a lost art but she brought it out in full force against Griner's 12 foot long tree trunk arms and I think I caught her saying, would you like some KAREEEEM (the male with the sweetest baby hook) with that coffee as she shot around Griner. In addition to all this madness, Maya Moore, Uconn's sexy stud was drainin buckets ADL-all day long. And did just about anything. If I were to play any of these 3 players, not only do I think they would beat me to a sweaty pulp-I doubt they'd draw blood but if that were the case, bloody pulp-but I think they would put me to such shame that I literally wouldn't be able to show my face in public ever again resulting in my first ever ski-mask purchase. So that right there was the first thing that made me jump on the women justttt might actually be equal to men bandwagon.

The next thing that solidified my position on this wagon was that I thought back to my sand volleyball game with Ross, Tricia, and Kristin (shoutout <3). While Ross and I were flailing across the sand diving at everything possible (and everything that required no dive whatsoever), Tricia and Kristin were definitely the MVFP/PIG. Most valuable female players/players in general. I ended up with a bloody elbow from diving on a sneaky rock hidden in the sand and was sarcastically called such things as..I kid you not...a graceful swan, an ostrich, and I think a gazell. All this while Ross finished the game with tendonidis in all his joints including his eyes, sand in his shoes (even though our shoes were 40 feet away!!!) and his dignity lost. The women on the other hand were about 5X more attractive at the end of the game, made every key play/save/point, were the best players on the court by far, and actually smelled like perfume and roses by the end. Case in exactly how to use that expression but I've never tried so I'm going to give it a go in point, women, I believe, should not be hated on anymore because their talent, although different, is just as impressive as any XX chromosomes talent.

I could keep going forever because, like I said, I'm in the zone, but its time I stop giving you solid Diamonds and save some for next week. Call me the Jeweler from now on. I'm honestly pumped about that nickname I just came up with-its sick. I just wish someone else had given it to me though :(. I'm going to go on the rest of my career pretending someone sent me an e-mail from one of my blogs with that nickname suggestion if anyone asks.

Hope this one provided a few laughs and made up for my lack of blogging abilities last post. It was long but it was also heart-felt.

Signs from G-D: "incredible"

Peace out,

the Jewler

I love it.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Player Profile: Alexander Sanchez Toth (& other stuff)

Here it goes...the first annual player profile. After receiving thousands of letters, e-mails, and flowers&phone numbers from beautiful woman, Alexander Toth came out as the leader vote getter with 1 vote, from himself. So I'm not entirely sure how this is going to go but I think I'm going to do my best to give a brief overview of his existence thus far on the planet including accomplishments and embarrassing stories if I can think of any. Just a quick side-note, most likely 95% of the material will be made up in a sad attempt to be funny. If one doesn't find any of it funny, then take the material to be serious and true because if that happens, my mission has failed. Without further ado (had to get lil D-Town to look at that one up...and it came up with ado and adieu, I went with the former obviously so I wouldn't have to type as much, but considering I added the parenthesis explaining the event and my decision, I ended up typing about 45-I did the math- times the amount I would have) I present to you,

Alexander Sanchez Toth III.

This is an awful day before I start-I am not paying attention at all because I have music on, a movie on, and people in my room. Fighting through adversity is my middle name though so I'm going to stick it out and make this happen.

Contrary to popular belief, Alex did not enter this world as a normal baby, he actually entered this world 6'5 230 and that is the way he has been ever since....

I've been stuck on that for like 25 minutes and I hate to admit it but I lied about something. My middle name isn't actually fighting through adversity, its Reynold. Lame, I know, but it makes my initials Dr. R which is kind of cool except there is absolutely no way I will be attending college long enough for that to literally be possible (me being a doctor). I plan to remove myself from school after this semester actually and enter the draft. The NBA draft. You are probably talking to the computer screen or calling your mother saying things like Dylan, after sending you flowers and casting my vote for player profiles, I'm seriously disappointed in your lack of ability to write more than 3 lines about your roomate/bestie Alex Toth.

(To that I say I know, I honestly expected more from myself too but when it came time to crunch or what is more commonly referred to as crunch-time, I couldn't adequately perform. I panicked feeling the weight of the world on my finger joints and I just couldn't think of anything whatsoever to say so I gave up and decided to take my blog in a different direction)

Now the next thing your saying is Dylan, the NBA draft...unless that stands for there is Nothing funny about you But your Awkward looking face draft (the NBA is highlighted in there), theres no way your going to get drafted, and of course I have a response to that as well which I will let you know about soon enough in the next paragraph...

To that I say no punk, although I would most likely be the first pick in that redunkulous draft that doesn't even make sense because you threw way too many letters in there in addition to those that stood for the NBA, I'm fairly confident that the National Basketball Association could use a player like me at a time like this, please let me explain...

The NBA is full of ego's, overpaid and overgrown men. I think its about time a overweight, non-paid, ego-less and devilishly good looking lad enter the mix. From the ESPN analyst's pre draft boards so far, it looks like I'd most likely be a top 17 pick and worst case scenario-I'd go early 2nd round. I've already worked out ( wash u) for some NBA teams (replace "for" with "while", and then add "were playing on TV"at the end), and I think they really liked what they didn't see. Not only could I make an immediate impact by lifting the confidence of all players on my team during practice as they dunk, shoot and dribble on my face, but also because I'd be able to bring my fan following from this blog to the team. Adding my mom, brother and Sanchez Toth to the teams die hard fans. I will keep you all updated on the status of my professional career through Follow that because I'm following an unreal amount of movie stars, professional athletes, and other famous people of the sort but unfortunately they are yet to return the follow favor and reciprocate...although I know they're on the way soon.

I'd like to finish this by saying that I know this is by far the weakest entry I have put up to date and am excited that I've gotten it out of the way. All great humans go through slumps in their life and I believe my blogging life has seen its slump but I want to let you know that I plan on doing everything in my power to get them back to the SOLID GOLD status that my former posts have reached.

Platinum Status Richter Out.
Diamond Status Richter In Next Post.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fantastic Weekend

So I'm trying to make this thing weekly. Its hard because although my life is unbelievably eventful, replace unbelievably with not very, I really don't have many noteworthy things happen to me. In the grand scheme of things I'd say I have about 4 or 5 things a year that stand out in my mind and those are usually times when I embarrass myself the story I will tell you soon from 6th grade...or times when I make repeated eye-contact with an attractive girl and do nothing about it.

Flashback of the day: Setting: 6th grade. This was the first year I played organized football for the hornets. Was I a huge fat kid you ask? Yes. I didn't enjoy it much because I was a double stripe lineman who also partook (past tense of par-take) in punting and field goal kicking which I would like to add that I made none of. Because of my double stripe status, if at any point in the game by god's will I came in contact with the ball the whistles would blow and the play would immediately be stopped for fear of me literally crushing a smaller child condensing him to a puddle on the field. That never happened but because of this rule I didn't enjoy organized football too much. Soooo I decided to take out my aggression on the flag football field in gym where I could really put my newly acquired football knowledge and skills to the test. Being the athletic fat kid that girls liked because I was funny, I decided that I wanted to impress them by pulling the flag of the fastest kid in class-Bobby. As he was racing across the center of the field, my game plan took form and like a bull I charged. I hit maximum velocity of about 5 feet an hour (not a chance I was going to get in any form of MPH), and with moobs (male boobs) in full pendulous swing (swinging like a pendulum on a clock), I chased down my target. Unfortunately, about 10 paces away, his flag was pulled and he started to fall over. Unfortunately X2, the chances of me physically being able to stop was slim to none (pun sort of intended because keep in mind I was not slim but rather fat at the time). The first thought that came to my mind was the candy bar I had in my pocket, but the second thought was to hurdle my new found obstacle. I sent the message from my brain down to the legs to get ready for the leap of the century about about 8 seconds later they decided to attempt this feat only the great greek gods could have been able to complete. So while Bobby was working his way up from his spill and on his knees, I darted into the air with no regard for human life and at the peak of my vault (4 inches above the tallest blade of grass), and my got caught some where on his body. This sent me into a half summersalt that had I been in this situation back in 1st grade when was 600 pounds lighter and I took gymnastics, I probably would have been able to stick the landing and receive 10's across the board..but that was not the case. As my feet were flailing above my head, a pressure was released in my body; that pressure being one of the most enormous tushy burps ever to not be recorded on camera (I wish I had footage of this to show but unfortunately I do not). EVERYBODY on the field, field next to us, in school, and across the state of Illinois heard it. To top it off I came crashing down on my collar bone splitting it in half. I sat up crying only to be comforted by a large round of laughter from everyone including all the good looking girls! (I do NOT think 6th graders are hot anymore...8th grade is the cutoff (((kidding))) All I could do was blame Bobby as I was rolled to the sideline by the gym teacher. That was just one example of the 4-5 memories a year that I have held onto throughout my lifetime.

Back to this past weekend. It was one for the ages! I went to my first other-college-sorority-party and had a blast! It was a St. Patty's day themed party and considering I have red hair, I was instantly a hit and everyone flocked to me. (that did not happen at all but I did wake up on the floor with my t-shirt as a blanket so it had to be a good time). The main attraction was our Washington University (in St. Louis) Women's basketball Final Four trip!!!!! Since our school charges us upwards of 4 billion dollars a week to go to this school, they have many many funds and thankfully they put them to good use offering free transportation, hotel room and tickets to anyone who wanted to take them up on the offer. Seriously though, thank you Wash U., it was awesome! So a ton of die hard fans including our Bomb-Squad which is made up of Phi Delts-our mainly football fraternity on campus/best basketball fans in the nation! After a 2 and a half hour bus ride to Illinois Wesleyan University filled with singing and drinking...water, we arrived and cheered like no tomorrow although there was a tomorrow (the championship game..that we got to cheer at as well). I won't get into detail about the night at the hotel because after the game at around 8 p.m. we all just went back to our respective rooms, didn't talk to each other, didn't call up everyone we knew in the area, didn't party at all whatsoever, and just went to sleep. Then the next day at the championship game against Hope university we literally cheered like there was no tomorrow! As our voices faded and bodies started perspiring due to excessive leaping and unnecessary body movements during the opposing team's free throw attempts, our heart grew stronger, and although we were not on the court, I felt as if we were playing 6 on 5! Our ladies won the game (CONGRATS GIRLS!!!) and so ended the perfect weekend...

Until I got back to campus, fell asleep, and was awoken the following day by the cutest puppy who was ever lead into my room and ordered to wake me up EVER! After a day of playing with the puppy and watching it do odd puppy things with an odd look on my face, I decided to study for a test I have tomorrow. It is 1:15 and I have, obviously, officially quit studying and no longer care to prepare myself because I couldn't keep my die hard fans waiting any longer.

As I sit here, I remember back when I wrote my last post and mentioned the player profiles that I would be doing. I forgot about those until I wrote the prior sentence and seeing as I am pretty tired and have written a good amount I will save that for next week. I have received hundreds of requests but please, keep them coming. Whoever on the team has the most requests will get the first annual/weekly/once-in-a-while player profile.

Excited to hear what you, world, has to say, PL&F

Peace Love & Friendship

Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Break

Lets gooooo! I'm getting to the end of my break and it is making me, well, a little sad. I'm going to give you a quick run through of what I have been up to-brace yourself. So let me start by saying that I haven't touched something that I've had my hands all over everyday for about 3 months... and what I am talking about would be a basketball. I decided this is going to be my week of RE-lax-ATION, and that is exactly what it was. According to my google definition search of relax, it means "become less tense, rest, or take one's ease". I took this definition to heart and found the best way was spend as much time possible on my couch in front of the T.V. watching more movies than (EXTREMELY LAME/WEAK COMPARISON ALERT) a film critic. Anywho, let me give you a run through of the typical day over break and then venture into an in-depth discussion of the feature films I watched.

9:00 A.M.- Be in a variety of places doing a variety of things in some type of dream
11:45 A.M.- Finish dream session and lay awake in my bed, usually with one leg outside the covers, thinking about the dream for a good hour
1:00 P.M.-9:00 P.M.- Spend this time watching movies, tv shows, and go to the basement to "work out" the type of working out where you do about 2 things and spend the rest stretching or lay spread eagle on the medicine ball
Night time- Hang with my besties that are home!! Kevin and Mikey-shoutout 2 you guys :):). During this time we do activities such as sit around the table and eat/talk, sit on the couch and eat/talk, and our favorite, sit on the couch and watch movies

This is the extent of my spring break except for one faithful night. Thursday night I decided to venture to a whole other universe called a state school. The university of Illinois to be exact. Many of my handful of friends attend this institution and I've heard nothing but good things so I decided to go see for myself. After a year and a half of doing what I thought was partying at Wash U, I realized after this night that I've been living a lie. I won't get into detail, but I'm glad I was only there for one night. Some people are not designed to be able to withstand their form of nightlife more than one night in a row. I'm one of those people and shout out to everyone I saw there and thank you for the hospitality, but I'll need a month to recoop and mentally prepare myself to get back out there.

In depth movie discussion time. I kid you not, I watched ALL OF THESE MOVIES, so don't even try and say something like, "dylan, while I will admit you are extremely easy on the eyes and deceptively quick on the basketball court, you did NOT watch all these movies"... because I did. (4 in 1 day is my all time high)

Fast and Furious, Hackers, Night of Living Dangerously, Marlee and Me, Yes Man, The Chumscrubber, PCU, Magic and Bird, Sugar, Disappeared, Resolved...and that was in 4 DAYS!

In depth discussion: movies were good, marlee and me made me cry, sugar was mostly in a different language

Thats about it for now. One more night to go, hope to make some lasting memories! Thinking of doing some player profiles giving ya'll the inside scoop on some of my teammates if ya'll would like. If so please let me know who you want to hear from. The one with the most requests will get the first annual player profile. It will probably happen more than once a year but first annual sounds pretty tight and I don't know any other time-descriptive adjectives to describe how often the player profiles will occur. For questions and!


Monday, March 8, 2010


:( Unfortunately I won't have any more great stories about division 3 basketball playing/playoffs because we lost the other night in the 2nd round to Illinois Wesleyan University. I'd love to still be playing but I wish them the best of luck. To our seniors-its been a pleasure and honor playing with ya'll. Learned a lot and I can't think of a better group of guys to be a part of. So what to do now...

To start I am now stuck at home. Mom-when you read that don't take that as a "I'd rather be anywhere but home". Because I enjoy my home-just saying I'd rather be in Florida or Mexico where I could pretend to actually be a cool human and hang out with lots of fantastic looking college students. So far I haven't gotten the opportunity to have a real college spring break and as much as I would like to go spend a week making awful mistakes and doing things no mortal should try and engage in, I hope not to have one. This is because spring break occurs at the same time as ESPN's most covered sporting event, the division 3 basketball playoffs. This is just another one of the perks of playing basketball at the college level, every break you love and cherish disappears. Thanksgiving, winter and spring break are all left behind when you play basketball. The way I see it, us division 3 players are either the most dedicated or the most stupidest (...durrrr?) of them all because not only do we NOT get paid to play basketball at our respective schools (and by paid I don't mean money on the side, I mean scholarship), we pay AND give up all our breaks. DEDICATION.

Enough about basketball for a little while though-not going to be participating in a meaningful college game for a long time. What to do over spring break is the new question. I have a whopping 3.5 friends home who are also not going to a sandy beach somewhere so I will most likely spend my entire time with them. In doing so, I will most likely get so sick of them that we will no longer be friends at the end of it all lowering my friend count by 3.5. Not exactly my ideal spring break plan but I see no alternative as of right now. There is always the possibility of visiting friends at other academic institutions but the only problem with that is that they are all going on break at the end of this week, therefor, they have midterms to prepare for by studying(drinking), and will not have time to hang out with their long lost buddies before they themselves go to a paradise-ish island. Some of them will be coming back for a day or 2 at a time before leaving again, and when that happens I will probably be waiting for them outside their the dark...ready to pounce on my new fresh friend meat. Unfortunately by being so needy to hang out with people they too will get annoyed with me and I will lose approximately 4-8 friends due to that. I say 4-8 because by word of mouth, some friends will tell others that aren't here about how strange/stalkerish I have become and I will lose potential friends due to that as well. If Rubez comes back don't let yourself fall in that category!

If anything exciting happens, for example, if I venture out of my house, I will be sure to keep you updated 24/7 on Twitter (drich20)! Keep an eye out and to all of you lounging out there drinking ungodly amounts of alcohol- just know that I would love to be there with you, skipping the tan stage and going straight for the burn (go big or go home), sipping on a strong pungent mikes hard lemonade hypothetically (I would find those much more appealing to drink than typical college beverages of choice...if i drank that is..which I don't..because I'm not yet of legal age), and sitting on my ass flattening it out more than it already is. (if you noticed the verb choice in each of those scenarios ended up being skipping, sipping, and sitting S3-thought it was interesting..sorry). Hope all have a safe and fun break!

B&T (Blessed and Thankful)